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The Legacy of Menla (Documentary)

The Legacy of Menla (Documentary)

As the outside world eagerly looks for a cancer cure, Tibetan medical doctors in the Indian sub-continent diagnose and treat cancer patients every day. The Legacy of Menla is a fresh portrayal of cancer, from the perspective of Tibetan Medicine.

Alex Co (producer), Adrian Száki (producer) and Adam Miklos (director) had spent two months with Tibetan Doctors in various parts of India.

“Our aim is to portray Tibetan Medicine and show how differently this medical system works from the Western one. In Bangalore we followed a renowned Tibetan Doctor, Dr Dorjee Rapten Neshar. He is known for his successful cancer treatments. After spending one month with him as he was travelling around the country to treat and cure patients we moved to our second filming phase. In June, 2013 we travelled to Dharamsala, the new home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The central institution of Tibetan Medicine, the Men-Tsee-Khang opened its doors for us. There, we focused on three characters. A Russian medical student, a Buddhist monk who is responsible for the medicine production and a cancer patient.”

The story of Dr Dorjee and the three main characters in Dharamsala will give a unique perspective about an ancient healing system and cancer-treatment.

The first teaser trailer of the film is already online:

Here is the link to the film’s official Facebook page:

This film an Arrabona Studio, Tivoli Films and Focus Fox Entertainment production.

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