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The O Flow with Oren Harris

The O Flow with Oren Harris

Last night I attended the launch event of The O Flow by Oren Harris at the Angel Station in Santa Monica.

Oren is a Life Transformation Coach and Flow Master. Oren has helped thousands of people transform their lives and currently mentors spiritual and personal development leaders, business visionaries, high performance athletes, and those who are ready to harness the incredible power of “The Flow”. Oren helps people transform their lives by facilitating a direct flow experience for them, which they can then learn to recreate in any situation.

As a speaker, Oren has worked closely with many authors and speakers such as Neale Donald Walsh, Dr. Demartini, and Dr. Dennis Waitley, who all appeared in the ground breaking DVD, The Secret.

What is The Flow? The Flow, as Oren explains it, is a state of being in which you are in alignment with your truest self, your intentions, and the universe. It is a state where the infinite is introduced to and perfectly integrated with the finite. You are in synch with nature and receiving the full support from life because you are not separate from it. It is a non-resistance state of infinite possibilities. It is all of existence and non-existence. When you work and live from the Flow, you exist and work in the relative world from the perspective of the unbounded world. You spontaneously act in the most intelligent and life supporting way. Life becomes more effortless and charming.

Being you, or being “in The Flow” as Oren describes it, has incredible benefits: transformations and healing take place organically and constantly, you’re vision is clear, you are open to receiving, manifestation becomes effortless and joyful, synchronicity happens all around you and you are present and awakened.

Being in the flow should be pretty easy, since you are already and always you. The reality, however, is pretty different – at least for most of us.

It’s important to understand that we don’t need to gain or learn something in order to be in The Flow. It is, in fact our divine right and natural state of being (think of a newly born baby). In order to be in The Flow, we need to heal and release all those negative emotions and limiting beliefs that keep us small and scared.

I cannot personally testify on Oren’s coaching since last night was my first interaction with him, but you can find some really inspiring testimonials on this page. The experience of listening to Oren talk, however, was uplifting and inspiring. More than his words, his very state of being, resonated with me and empowered me to step into my truest self.

I look forward to connecting with Oren again and learning more about his gifts.

For more information about Oren and The Flow, please visit this website.

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