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Thea Pueschel, C.Ht.

Thea Pueschel, C.Ht.

Thea Pueschel has been called the “new voice of calm”, “a creative muse” and though her approach is clinical and analytical many of her clients claim that she is magic. She uses her maternal patter to guide clients and students to a place of transformation creating congruency between the conscious and subconscious self. Whether utilizing hypnotherapy, guided imagery or yoga her sessions focus on working from the inside out establishing the foundation for life affirming changes. She creates a safe space for self-exploration and growth.

She specializes in the art of living holistically. She has worked extensively with professional athletes, engineers, architects, television personalities, artists, teachers, students and all professions in between, around and be side. She has tackled issues dealing with competition, performance, creative blockages, confidence, habit abatement and childbirth. She has a penchant for igniting the flame of leadership.

Thea’s current locale is Hypnotiq Solutions @ Hazel Blue Studios. She holds certifications in Hypnotherapy, Sports Mind Coaching, Childbirth Hypnosis, Reiki, Guided Imagery, Smoking Cessation, Hatha Yoga and Curvy Yoga. Before journeying into the realm of mental and physical well being she majored in directing, and taught English and film classes.

Thea’s credited written work has been featured in media outlets such as Elephant Journal, Create Your Health, My Thirty Spot, Rebelle Wellness, and The Examiner.

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Phone: 323-835-3039
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