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Tomorrow: A Road Trip From Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo

Tomorrow: A Road Trip From Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo

Tomorrow, Michael Brian Baker, Pat Carreras and myself are leaving LA and heading up North to San Luis Obispo, where we meet with Jennifer Dudley. Jen is an incredible woman and a good friend of many years. We haven’t seen each other in months, and I’m excited to reconnect with her. Jen is hosting PRISM SLO – our first Healers Worldwide event outside of LA.

The last month here in LA was incredible. For starters, Vedete and I went to the Conscious Life Expo – to educate ourselves, create new connections and have fun.

We had two events this month: The second PRISM LA event and the first Introduction to Group Coaching, both at Gaia Sangha (big thank you to Andrew and the rest of the Gaia Sangha community). We had another, more intimate gathering, in Zoe Shobaki’s Love Dome in Santa Monica. We may be offering one or two of these intimate gatherings over the next couple of weeks.

Also during this month: Jon Nash, Vedete and I co-created with Michael a video of him presenting the Breath Center:

Our intention is to offer this service to Healers. We believe that having a high quality video, in which the healer authentically communicates their core values and the benefits of their healing modality, would allow potential clients to connect in a deeper way to the service or product offered. We may be able to offer this coaching/videotaping/editing/maketing package as early as April.

We are finalizing the details of the big Healing Party in Syrup Loft in downtown LA on April 20th. Mark your calendars, you do not want to miss it! We also finished editing the first ever Healers Worldwide video, shot and edited by Jon Nash. We finished it last night, just before he left for Envision Festival in Costa Rica. Here’s the video:

The video contains three clips – an intro video by Brian Michael Baker, a clip from our events, and testimonials of Healers sharing their experience with Healers Worldwide. It is so gratifying to hear the open hearts and excitement. It fills us up with positive energy. I’m also looking forward to sharing this video with Healers in San Luis Obispo and listen to their feedback.

So, tomorrow the four of us go to SLO to share with our brothers and sisters what we have learned from our co-creation experience in Los Angeles. We expect a great turn out and a great event. Here’s a link to the Facebook event page.

That’s it for now. Love.

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