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Vanessa Kudrat

Vanessa Kudrat

Vanessa Kudrat Weinberg is the founder of Body Mind Gifts™, an eco boutique and holistic information and services provider. She is also an alignment-based and earth-ceremony-centered Yoga & Meditation teacher, a nutritional health counselor, an AEA certified aquatics instructor, an ARCB certified reflexologist, a wellness web series producer/host, and an occasional audio-acupuncturist/DJ.

Her multi-disciplined career is the collation of synchronistic events that pushed her to follow her calling and pay attention to the magical signs all around us.

She was introduced to meditation at the age of two, yoga at the age of seven, and became an intuitively guided vegetarian by high school. From there, she pursued acting and worked in music and television production, but kept being called back to meditation, yoga and all things healthy.

She has provided wellness teachings to individuals and corporations since 1998 in the US and abroad.

Whether teaching on land or in the water, working with someone on the Yoga Wall or activating meridian points through Reflexology or guiding groups through seasonal cleanses or teaching the healing properties of certain foods to avoid illness, she provides keys to successful living based on an individual’s body type and age, so that they can grow stronger and healthier as they mature.

After 15 years of living in New York City, Vanessa is currently based out of Princeton, NJ. She inspires her community with various gems, drawing from her fortunate time spent with masterful teachers.

Her mission is to travel, teach and share her unique skill set, while offering stories that help heal and inspire people to wake up every morning and induce excellence in their lives.

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