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Victoria of Light

Victoria of Light

About the same time Victoria was guided by Spirit to make a sound – the sound that emanated from her was not her own, but from somewhere far greater. She knew she was merely the channel to bring forth these vibrationary sounds from outer realms.

Through global broadcasts, overseas events and personal consultations thousands of people have been touched by the purity, immensity, power, essence and energy of these Sacred Sounds. Since that day Spirit has also given Victoria the ability to channel interdimensional Light Languages.

The Light Languages and Sacred Sounds activate people on the deepest levels. The soul recognises the sounds and messages.

The channelled sounds and languages work on many levels – activating cellular and past life memories, soul DNA, Codes of Light and more, all in preparation for the evolvement from a 3rd to 5th dimensionality of existence.
Experiencing the channelled messages and sounds gives a sense of lightness, and altered state of being – a sense of Enlightenment.

Victoria’s connection with Spirit has shown her there are no limits, no boundaries. We are all one energy and connected, wherever we may be upon the earth plane…Victoria continues to witness miracles every day. She has been shown all is possible, nothing is impossible.

Even though she resides and work mostly in New Zealand, I’ve had the opportunity to witness her work at the Elevate Home in Ojai. Her performance, followed by a spontaneous heart-opening conversation lead by Mikki Willis and a primal Trance Dance experience, made that evening fun, memorable and meaningful.

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