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We Are Awaken!

We Are Awaken!

We are Inspired! We are activated! We are Awaken!

We just got back from Awaken – a 4-day gathering produced by Tribal Convergence.

The camp ground was abundant and gorgeous with its redwood trees, spring water creek, impecable facilities and magic all around. Our experience was truly magnificent: Sacred Fire, dozens of workshops, all hands council meetings, healing dome, guild meetings, TribeTalks, incredible food by Chef Gage, awesome lineup of DJs, and – most important – hundreds of conscious, clear-minded, committed leaders that answered the call and showed up.

It’s important to note that this gathering was more than a festival. As a matter of fact, it was a step up in the evolution of transformational gatherings. Tribal Convergence has initiated a multi-dimensional effort to develop and launch new paradigms for pretty much every aspect of our society: Spirituality, Councilship, Arts, Media Communications, Wellness, Village Infrastructure, Learning, Social Enterprise, Relations, Guardianship, Science and Earth Stewardship.

We are developing the DNA of the New World. This DNA, as explained in this profound “STATEMENT ON TRANSFORMING FINANCE BASED ON ETHICS AND LIFE’S PRINCIPLES”, will then be downloaded into the existing systems so that they can be upgraded to match our current level of consciousness, which is substantially higher than the consciousness that created them, more than a century ago.

It was a pleasure to meet Aokha Skyclad, Communications & Social Technology champion for the Tribal Convergence, brainstorm with her and discuss possible next steps in co-creating the technology platform that would empower the the tribes and connect them together into a Network of networks.

We participated in the Conscious Enterprise Guild discussion about how to integrate business with intention and infuse money with love – which is exactly the motivation behind the PRISM SERIES.

We presented our vision at the TribeTalks – here’s the video:

FYI – The next PRISM SERIES event is on June 11 at The Breath Center.

It was an honor to connect with David Block from Human Experience Creations – his music brings both pleasure and healing.

It was absolutely exhilarating to see the Luminaries perform live, making love with the audience and inspiring us to take it to the next level.

Thank you Jamaica Stevens and the incredible Awaken and Tribal Convergence team! You rocked it! We are so looking forward to playing with you and taking this to the next level!

Stand by for upcoming developments!

3 Responses to “We Are Awaken!”

  1. Namaste’ to One and *ALL…

    I Am *Sionnach
    *Awake and *Aware

    I’m a Reiki Master

    ReikiPLUS 2nd Degree

    ReikiPLUS Elysium Practitioner;
    Energy Healer,Intuative

    *ThankYou Very *Much For Allowing Me To Join Your Group!! ;~)

    Abundant Blessings of Love and Light

  2. Barbara Butler says:

    I am a Reiki Master, student of Self-I-Dentity Ho’oponopono and all forms of healing.

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