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What are Fulgurites

What are Fulgurites

Fulgurites are glassy tubes that are formed when lightning strikes the sand or rock.  Lightning carries extremely large amounts of static electricity which is discharged in a very small spot, and the temperature there has been calculated to be hotter than the surface of the sun.  The heat is intense enough to vaporize the sand at the center of the strike and to melt the material around the edges.  The tube is formed from the melted sand and the hole down the middle is where the vaporized material had been.  Fulgurites come in various shapes, sizes and color.  Some can be hollow tubes and others can be glassy on one side and or sand/rock on the other side.

Fulgurites are one of the most powerful stones for manifesting one’s visions through the power of prayer.  The lightning energy, believed to be the touch of the Divine, still resides in them, and they can act as magnifiers of one’s clear intention, building a powerful resonance between oneself and the powers of the higher worlds.

Fulgurites have a strong, high-frequency vibration, and they seem to hold a clear resonance with the powerful electrical force that created them.  Holding a Fulgurite, one may sense a vortex of energy whizzing through the chakras and all levels of the Light body, purifying and cleansing the entire system.  There may also be a strong arousal of the Kundalini forces of creativity and inner power.

Fulgurites are powerful for grounding the Light body and manifesting one’s higher purpose. Fulgurite is a stone of prophecy, opening the higher chakras to Divine energy.  It opens and clears the psychic and intuitive senses and can assist one in rapidly connecting with the frequency of the Divine through prayer or meditation.

Fulgurite is especially helpful for those ready to experience major breakthroughs and to release habit patterns that no longer serve.  Fulgurite will assist you in bringing your thoughts into form, so one should be sure to hold positive thoughts and do this work only after surrendering to the Divine. This will ensure one’s creations serve the highest good.

Fulgurite can rapidly clear patterns from the emotional body and aid in clearing all forms of relationships. It is also excellent at shedding light on the karmic aspects of relationships with others in one’s life.

It can also be helpful in instances of low or constricted physical energy. Fulgurite can assist in healing blockages and strengthening the blood flow in the extremities and capillaries.  It is a good stone to use to strengthen the muscles and tissues of the body, activate the thymus, to improve the immune system, and to balance the nervous systems of the physical and ethereal bodies.

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