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What is Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been known for centuries now to cure a myriad of ailments, from the common headache to the onset of diabetes and cancer. Chinese alternative healing practitioners believe that our body’s positive and negative energy (the Yin and the Yang) should always be in harmony. However, because of stress, unhealthy practices and a wanton lifestyle, our body’s chi is hampered thus causing diseases. Acupuncture tries to change this state, restore the chi’s natural position thus making the individual recover from his sickness.

To date, more and more are discovering the wonders of acupuncture in treating lower back pain, headache, migraine and other types of muscle pain. Other individuals have claimed to have been healed from stress and nausea caused by an operation. If you are suffering from skin diseases and allergies, then why not try going to an alternative healing clinic and get an acupuncture session, too! Depression, anxiety and abnormal bowel syndrome that are often results of a very stressful lifestyle are also found to be healed with acupuncture.

In an acupuncture session, the therapists would let a patient relax by letting him/her lie in a comfortable bed or mat. The surroundings of a clinic are arranged and built to promote relaxation with candles for aromatherapy and a very calming amount of light in the room. The therapist would then look for the pressure points in a body’s individual and determine which pressure point needs to healed. He would then insert a sterilized needle designed for acupuncture in that pressure point. Acupuncture may seem painful in the first tries, but its healing effect can be best felt after the whole session. Patients claim a very refreshing feeling, as if they are reborn from a dark past!

The potency of acupuncture has not yet been fully supported by scientific findings. However, advocates of alternative medicine still hailed its effectiveness. Some doctors who have alternative orientation have also welcomed the idea of acupuncture and have prescribed it together with synthesized drugs. Again, patients are required to pay particular attention to their body’s reaction to the medicine.

So, if you are not feeling good lately, why not check for the nearest acupuncture clinic nearest you! In choosing an acupuncture clinic, make sure that it is accredited with a national health agency or an organization practicing alternative healing. It is also good to check the comments of past individuals who have availed of the services in that particular clinic and compare reviews from other clinics.

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