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What is Chi Nei Tsang

What is Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient technique combining Chi and Touch, focused and directed to the abdomen.

Energy, information and awareness (chi), combined with a gentle listening touch, has a profound effect that provides an opportunity for the release of tensions or contractions in the fascia or viscera.

This treatment may reveal emotional charges that reside within. By revealing the existence of these charges an environment for digestion and healing becomes available.

Chi Nei Tsang treatments increase the conscious- subconscious connection and thereby increase awareness. The hands of the practitioner provide guidance so that awareness can be brought to the charges. By bringing the client’s consciousness to the affected area, the charges are observed, acknowledged, and released.

A balancing effect takes place in the digestive system on many levels. Physical, emotional and mental as well as spiritual wellness are common byproducts of a balanced, healthy centered self.

Why Chi Nei Tsang? Because it’s good for you!

People have the ability to endure great levels of physical pain in order to avoid experiencing any level of emotional pain. When life situations present too great a risk for emotional damage the body steps forward and bears the load of carrying the pain. This type of emotional shielding produces a physical contraction in a part of the body where this emotional energy is held.

Unprocessed emotional charges can be stored in vital organs creating contractions, tensions, pains, and stress points in many seemingly unrelated parts of the body. These contractions also inhibit the functionality of the organs which disturbs the balance of the entire system. To achieve better health these charges must be processed in a manner similar to digestion. Emotions cannot be “thought out”, they have to be “felt through”, experienced and validated.

Releasing pent-up charges allows the Chi to flow through proper channels and increase vitality. Setting free the Chi energy that was being used in maintaining a contraction around a memory-charge that was too “hard to feel” allows the body to circulate Chi more effectively, increasing energy and vitality, healing aches and pains, and dissolving blockages.

The practitioner does not heal the client. The practitioner acts as a guide, simply revealing the client to themselves, allowing what is there to be there, and providing a safe place for expression. When emotional charges are released, the body then heals itself.

* Description re-posted here from Jak Noble‘s site ( and with his permission.

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