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What is Pietersite

What is Pietersite

Pietersite carries the energy of the ‘storm’ element, and is thus called the Tempest Stone. It is believed to hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and can purify one’s body and energies. It is said to be tremendously energizing to the wearer, enhancing strength, courage, will power, and awareness of the higher planes.

Pietersite links daily consciousness to the spiritual. Used as a stone of vision, it works well during meditation to access higher levels of awareness, stimulating the third eye and increasing one’s inherent intuition.

It is used for physical protection, especially for the eyes. It focuses the inner eye, enabling the wearer to explore themselves emotionally. It also helps while working with angels, experiencing visions, precognition, and in relating to feminine or goddess energy.

Use pietersite to:

  • Support willpower
  • Strengthen inner guidance
  • Recognize truths
  • Stimulate the pituitary gland
  • Balance endocrine system and hormones that govern metabolism, blood pressure, growth, sex and temperature
  • Helpful to lungs, liver, intestines, feet, legs

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