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What is Quartz

What is Quartz

All quartz crystals have 6 primary properties. They are able to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy, which includes matter, thought, emotion and information.

Metaphysical quartz formations possess additional properties, based on their geometry and other specific features.

Today science accepts the vibrational properties of crystals (piezoelectric effect) and we utilize them in watches, computers, radios, oscillators and sonar technology amongst other things. To put it simply, we use quartz crystals to receive send and hold energy.

Quartz naturally harmonizes and energizes our gross and subtle bodies. Kirlian photography has shown that holding a small, double terminated quartz doubled the photographable portion of the aura.

Quartz crystals are metaphysical aids that help the user amplify the positive and transmute negativity. They can assist in meditation, healing and connection with both higher self and the universe. A crystal can bring balance, help one center, and increase the flow of energy through the physical and subtle bodies. Also, the chakras can be activated, cleansed, balanced and energized, and all psychic abilities can be initiated and strengthened with help from quartz crystals.

A crystal will work on imbalances in one’s physical and ethereal bodies whenever they work with it, wear it or carry it. Their commitment to the process greatly enhances the process.

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