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What is Relationship Coaching

What is Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is a professional client-focused service where an individual or couple is assumed to be healthy, powerful, and able to achieve relationship goals with effective support, information, and guidance.

The relationship coach guides and supports the client as they deal with relationship-related challenges – either maintaining a relationship or starting a new one.

While therapy focuses on healing wound originated in early childhood, coaching deals with current actions and future results. It is less relevant, during a coaching session, what the reasons are for the challenges, fears and setbacks. It is more relevant to find ways to breakthrough these emotional barriers and realize, by first-hand experience, that there barriers and fears and often – if not always – imaginary and self-imposed.

Relationship coaching can benefit both single people and people that are in a relationship, though the methodology and approach are different. When coaching a single person, the focus is on finding effective methods – physical or cognitive – to accept and love oneself, overcome fear and embrace the experience no matter what the result is. When coaching a couple, the coach focuses on creating an open and honest dialog so that both partners are able to freely and respectfully express their needs and wants.

In a relationship, partners are a mirror to each other, and sometimes, without the proper experience, self-knowledge and appropriate coaching, it is difficult to tell who is the trigger and who is being triggered. It is very helpful to have a neutral and professional third party that can elevate the conversation from a “who’s right and who’s wrong” conversation to a conversation that truly explores what would work best for both partners.

A high recommended reading for people that deal with relationship challenges is the book “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life” by Marshall B. Rosenberg.

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