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What is Topaz

What is Topaz
Topaz is a crystal of Truth and forgiveness. It is a symbol of chastity, happiness, true friendship and hope. It helps us to find our true purpose and destiny. The topaz crystal is able to make us more aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions, and of their karmic effects. As such, it is able to activate our Cosmic awareness.

By removing the stagnant energies, topaz directs the body energy to those places where it is most needed. Its’ healing abilities are connected to spiritual and physical rejuvenation. It releases tension and promotes feelings of joy and happiness.

Topaz, as it comes in its purest form, is a transparent stone. The impurities present within the crystal lattice are responsible for the various coloration. The typical topaz crystals are yellow or of vine color, but they can also be white, gray, golden, green, blue, pink, reddish, transparent, or semi-transparent. The deep golden-yellow topaz is known as imperial topaz. The transparent topaz is often called white or clear topaz. Orange topaz, also known as precious topaz, is the traditional November birthstone, the symbol of friendship, and the state gemstone for the US state of Utah.

One can find topaz in many locations around the world, such as the Ural mountains in Russia, in Afghanistan, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and, of course, in the USA. The name topaz is believed to originate from the Greek word for one of the ancient islands in the Red Sea – Topazios, famous for the yellow stones excavated there, which is now believed to be chrysolite gemstone (a variation of yellow olivine), not topaz at all. Actually, up to the classical times, the name topaz was used to designate any yellow stone.

Topaz is one of the twelve stones in the breastplate of the ancient Hebrew High Priests, which is mentioned in the Book of Exodus. It is believed that the stones of the breastplate, together with 12 powerful Angels, protect the door to Heaven.

Topaz helps in establishing a practical point of view in life. It can assist us in taking the most practical solution to any problem or situation. Topaz can help us in our daily meditation and visualization. It can open us towards the universal energy and give us new courage, will and strength to make the necessary changes in our lives. Topaz crystal, especially of high purity and transparency, is a carrier of solar or male energy. With its help we can open and balance a number of energy centers – chakras.

Topaz is a powerful stone for strengthening the whole physical body. It balances, soothes and cleanses emotions and thoughts, releases stress, and brings joy. In a spiritual sense, this stone brings love and peace. As a healing stone it can help with blood disorders, promote rejuvenation, support the normal function of the liver and gallbladder, and help in curing endocrine problems, thrombosis and asthma. Topaz assists with restoring loss of taste and with healing of wounds or skin eruptions.

Topaz’s corresponding astrological signs are Saggitarius, Leo, and Pisces. Promoting individuality and creativity, it provides self-confidence and helps one eliminate doubts while making decisions. It also promotes the expression of new ideas. It gives faith in the ability of the Universe, helps one to manifest their desires, and prompts receptivity and willingness to act.

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